Wolf Mountain Sanctuary

Wolf Mountain Sanctuary Interactive Wolf Educational Tours

Founded: 1986

Founder & President: Tonya Littlewolf

Vice President/Webmaster:  Danna Cruzan

Wolf Handlers/Tour Guides: 

Stephanie Nordstrom, Renee LaShelle, 

Groundskeepers:  Jake Galin, Mike Worden

Wolf Mountain Sanctuary is a 501c3, all volunteer educational organization dedicated to the preservation, protection and proper management of wolves in the wild and in captivity.  Our purpose and ultimate goal is to save these great noble animals from extinction by teaching the public to advocate wolves and participate in activities that help our wolves.   

The Sanctuary is located in the high desert of Southern California.  We are a forever home for all of the wolves we rescue.  We rescue wolves from the movie industry, private owners and from breeders. We currently care for 11 wolves. WMS is one of the few sanctuaries in Southern California where you can be very close to the wolves through viewing areas.  We feel that as the wolves will be captive for their whole life, they need to have human contact from their caretakers and receive all the love that we can give them. 

​The impression a 180 lb wolf leaves on you is ever lasting.  To look into their knowing, wise, amber colored eyes is a moving, spiritual experience. 
When you look into the eyes of a wolf, you see your soul . . .
​The Sanctuary
currently operates on donations thru memberships and monthly adoptions.  We receive no government grants.