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Shanta Wanagi (Sacred Heart Angel) came to the WMS on April 29, 2002.  She was 14 days old. She and her brother Wakinyan was born April 15, 2002.
She weighed 2 pounds and came with her brother Wakinyan.  They had to be bottle-feed every few hours to keep them alive.

Shanta was rescued from a wolf breeder that couldn't sell her, so she came to WMS.  She would have been put to sleep if WMS didn’t take her.

Shanta's brother Wakinyan passed away and is with the Sky pack so Shanta is alone so she really loves for people to visit her, come and see her soon.  She is friendly and loving.

Shanta Wanagi is a joy to have here at WMS and loves to eat watermelon, peaches and knuckle bones.   She is very special to all the staff at WMS.

Shanta thanks you for visiting her page and would love for you to sponsor her.

Shanta Wanagi