Wanagi (Wah-Nah-Gee) (“Guiding Spirit”) came to Wolf Mountain Sanctuary on May 22, 2004, along with Yawto and Wacipi.  Wanagi was very alert when she arrived, wanting to know everything about everybody. 

Upon arrival at Wolf Mountain Sanctuary, our little girl was having a hard time eating, so Tonya had to hand-feed her by literally opening Wanagi’s mouth to squeeze the formula in!  Now, of course, she eats like a pro.

At first, Wanagi seemed to be the leader of a three member pack with Yawto and Wacipi, but Yawto ended up being the dominant Alpha.  After some scuffles, we put Wanagi and Yawto in their own enclosure, which Wacipi was paired with Istas.  Everyone seems happy with the arrangement!

Wanagi can be shy, but will warm up to you.  Expect some kisses!  She is gentle and, on occasion, quite a ham.  She has been known to run around the enclosures, getting into the water and splashing everyone in sight!  We really enjoy this on a hot summer day!

This little girl has such a sweet howl.  Her colors are changing with age, making her look very regal.

Wanagi thanks you for being her sponsor.


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