February 25, 2015

Last week was a busy one!!!

We took Wakinyan to the vet in Ontario, California for what we thought was going to be surgery on his wrist after lengthy phone calls with the so called vet.  Well, that turned out to be a fiasco' but a blessing in disguise.

When we got there they said they could not see him for safety reasons, for him and the staff?  We were like huh?  You have seen Istas and Wana previously.  They said that they were different types of wolves....  this was said while Wakinyan was laying calmly on the floor... They also said he probably has (I don't say that word but it's deathly) and we did not accept any diagnosis made when the vet was afraid to even touch or eve xray a muzzled calm wolf....

So we called our Las Vegas staff member/Vet Tech Sara White and she told us to take him to a GREAT vet in Las Vegas,  (Dr. Moore at Green Valley Veterinary) and they were delighted to see him.  They found out that he had been bitten by something and had developed some type of fungus which was causing the swelling and muscle pain!  They gave him a shot, antibiotics to take home and a follow-up tomorrow!  Dr. Moore had us all pray over Wakinyan and this told us we were in the right place!!!  THANKS, Sara and Dr. Moore - YOU ROCK!!!

We had a GREAT time at the Pet Spectacular in Pomona!!!  We had many wolves in our booth to teach people about them and for pets and pictures...  Thanks to all of the great owners of these Ambassadors for bringing them to the show!!!  We met lots of nice people, it was a great turn out!

This Saturday we will be at the San Diego Pet Expo in Del Mar.  Cali peeps, come on out and show your support and have a fun day with all of the animals.  You can bring your pet too!!  Best thing?  It's FREE!!!  We look forward to seeing you!  Of course, we will have Wolf Ambassadors at our booth!!!  You can even go to the beach after or before!!!

Spring is coming that means the wolves will be shedding their coats!    Get your Wolf Bottle Pendant order in!!!

Hurry and come out for a visit while the wolves still have their winter coats for fabulous pictures of you with them!!!

Tonya is hanging in, she is exhausted with all the many miles of driving she has been doing to Las Vegas and to these shows but she is ENERGIZED by all of the love and support you all give her and Wolf Mountain Sanctuary.....

As always, Remember WMS operates solely off donations, so please send any donations you can.  These are tax-deductible and you get a receipt for your taxes!!!

Take Care and Look for our next "What's Up at WMS This Week".....

May the Wolf Spirit Protect and Empower You!!!

Danna aka AngelWolf



BIG work going on today on our road!!! Wolf Momma out there working hard!!! This is GREAT news as the road was VERY bad...

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